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Breathtakingly beautiful and overflowing with spirituality, the Far East dazzles millions of eager travellers each year.

From the ever-popular beach resorts of Thailand to the impossibly vast landscapes of historical China, the countries of the Far East offer a plethora of once in a lifetime experiences. The only problem is choosing where to begin.

As rich with culture as it is with beauty, it's easy to see why the Far East intrigues and enamours countless backpackers and holidaymakers every day. There truly is something for everyone, from bone-white sands that line shimmering azure seas to ancient, verdant rainforests that teem with thousands of species of remarkable creatures. Days can be spent trekking through thick jungles, wildlife-spotting on lazy river cruises or exploring the mystical karst landscapes of the many other worldly environments.

The urban landscapes are awe-inspiring too. Futuristic, gargantuan and at times overwhelming, these Asian metropolises are havens of culture, religion, food and shopping, and their mazy streets can delight and enthrall for days. Dive into street food scenes that are unrivalled, and enjoy the potent aromas and eye-watering spice of thousands of weird and wonderful dishes.

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  • Thailand

    Located in the centre of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia, Thailand shares borders with Cambodia, Laos,...

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  • Vietnam

    Timeless and mysterious, steeped in history and a profound sense of authenticity, Vietnam is a must-visit country.

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  • Indonesia

    Incredibly diverse, boasting more than 17,000 islands, there's always something new to discover in Indonesia.

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  • Laos

    An incredibly vibrant country, Laos' culture and spiritualism are amongst the most astonishingly well-preserved in Asia.

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  • Cambodia

    Exotic Cambodia's ancient majesty, spectacular natural wonders, and legendary temples await.

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  • Malaysia

    Two regions separated by the vast South China Sea, a visit to Malaysia stirs the soul and invigorates the senses.

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  • Borneo

    Borneo's idyllic beaches, deep jungle interior, and wild orangutans transform it into an explorer's dream.

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  • Singapore

    From luxury boutiques and world-class dining to pristine beaches and unforgettable sights, stylish Singapore has it all.

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  • Hong Kong

    One of Asia's greatest cities, a visit to Hong Kong is the ideal way to unlock the exotic delights of the Orient.

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  • Japan

    Enter a beguiling land of a hundred timeless rituals, a thousand majestic temples, and a million unforgettable moments.

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  • China

    One of the world's oldest and most influential civilisations, home to incredibly diverse heritage, inspiring scenery...

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