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The island of Lombok may only be a stone’s throw away from sister island Bali, but it couldn’t be more different than its increasingly commercial neighbour.

Situated 35km east of the surf capital, Lombok is far quieter, made up of wide-open spaces and unspoilt beaches. Dense rainforests stand against a background of ancient green hills and mountains, providing a brilliant contrast to the picture-perfect white shores. Farmers in conical hats go about their business in the sprawling rice paddies as days pass by at a lazy pace.Much of the northern part of the island is made up by the dramatic Gunung Rinjani, an active volcano that peaks at over 3,500m above sea level. The exhilarating climb to the top is the main draw for Lombok visitors, and is a bona fide playground for avid trekkers. It’s also possible to camp out on the mountain, revealing stunning morning vistas of the Lombok sunrise. A trek will also lead you to the refreshing waters of the Segara Anak crater lake and on to the inviting hot springs, which are said to have healing qualities. Whilst at the springs, you may be paid a visit by the curious monkeys who scamper around the rocks.

Beach-wise, Lombok is blessed; wild surf at the deep bays of the craggy south coast, and sweeping sands with calm waters to the west. Right on the south-east tip of the island lies a beach with a rather unusual quality – Tangsi Beach is made up of pink sand, said to derive from fractions of coral reefs mixed in with the bay’s white powder. Due to its location, Tangsi is unspoiled, and the peace and quiet coupled with the pink sands, azure waters and rugged cliff faces makes for a romantic postcard opportunity. 

During your trip to Lombok, hop over to the Gili Islands just off the north-west coast and you’ll find somewhere even more serene. With no motorised traffic or fresh water supply, the islands retain a true desert island experience, and the charm of Gili has its visitors enamoured. The island is a haven for divers, and the warm, turquoise waters are home to sea turtles, and an afternoon spent swimming with the creatures is blissful.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +8

  • Currency

    Indonesian Rupiah

  • Flight Time

    17 hours 10 minutes

  • Best Time To Go

    April to October


Lombok's tropical climate gifts it beautiful weather all year round. There are two distinct seasons - the wet season and the dry season - although Lombok's wet season is far drier than Bali's. The dry season lasts from May to September and the wet season lasts from October to April. Most people opt to visit during the dry summer months, although the wet season is less humid. A great time to visit is during September, just at the turn of the seasons, when the weather is hot, sunny and fine. 

Weather information for Lombok
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 27 ℃ 26 ℃ 26 ℃ 27 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃
Rain 97MM 122MM 135MM 92MM 60MM 27MM 18MM 4MM 28MM 109MM 216MM 140MM

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