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Venerable traditions, inspiring landscapes, and glittering cityscapes - it's easy to see why Japan intrigues and excites every visitor.

Japan is unlike anywhere you've ever been before. Perhaps more than anywhere else on the planet, this enchantingly mysterious collection of islands captures the imagination of travellers like nowhere else. This is a place where the ancient and the ultra-modern collide in spectacular fashion. A place of exotic contrasts, where tradition is sacred, the unconventional is celebrated, and the future is made – often within the same building. A place where you can live in the moment, slip into the past, or discover the world of tomorrow, all within the space of an hour. A place which has the power to change you forever.

From speeding bullet trains to serene zen gardens where time seems to stand still, everywhere you look you're reminded that this is one of the most culturally and geographically rich countries in the world. Where else could you find simple teahouses with venerable tea ceremonies rubbing shoulders with futuristic robot restaurants and quirky cat cafés? When have you ever seen classic sumo wrestling competing with American baseball to draw the most crowds? How many other countries boast tropical beaches, world-class skiing, active volcanoes, and hot springs with public onsen baths?

Here the simple and the extravagant coexist in perfect harmony. Japan is a country which is forever looking back on its incredible heritage, even as it continues to break records for its trend-setting fashions, cutting-edge cuisine, and host of gadgets unseen anywhere else in the world. Peaceful lotus ponds reflect glittering skyscrapers, frugal monks share the streets with elaborate geisha, and rustic, generations-old ryokan inns are just as in-demand as the most opulent modern hotels. Whether you're enticed by the cosmopolitan charms of the world's largest city, Tokyo, or whether the myriad temples and historic UNESCO World Heritage sites of the former capital, Kyoto, call out to you, there's something here to enrapture every kind of traveller.

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  • Tokyo

    One of the world's greatest cities, Tokyo has an endless array of world-famous landmarks and hidden gems to discover.

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  • Kyoto

    The breathtaking City Of Ten Thousand Shrines, Kyoto is infused with all the culture and beauty of ancient Japan.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +9

  • Currency

    Japanese Yen

  • Capital


  • Flight Time

    Approx. 11 hrs 40 mins

  • Best Time To Go

    March to May

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