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Lose yourself in one of the world's most ambitious mega-cities.

An autonomous city-state on the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore is a tiny island nation with a huge character. Once a small provincial village of a few hundred people, now one of the world's most cosmopolitan destinations, famed for its ultra-luxurious hotels, glittering skyscrapers, and lavish boutiques and shopping malls, the city has come a long way since Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot on its shores over 200 years ago.

Comprised of one main island and 63 smaller islets, Singapore combines a thriving, sophisticated cityscape with fantastic natural scenery, a sparkling coastline, and a pristine 'City in a Garden' mentality. To the south sits the island of Sentosa, a highly popular destination celebrated for its golden beaches, lush rainforests, and superb selection of world-class theme parks and attractions. The perfect setting for a laid-back escape, Sentosa nurtures a more easygoing, resort-type atmosphere despite being only 15 minutes drive from central Singapore.

Though now one of the most developed and wealthiest nations in the world, Singapore has never forgotten its unique cultural roots, and you only need to scratch beneath the surface to uncover the nation's true personality. A fascinating blend of Indian, Chinese, Malay, and western colonial influences, the nation strikes a remarkable balance between western modernity and traditional Asian values and heritage, evidencing themselves in its amazing architecture, internationally-renowned cuisine, inspiring religions, and distinctive multicultural districts.

A short walk across downtown Singapore can make you feel as if you are country hopping; from the colourful lanterns of Chinatown to the endlessly fashionable Orchard Road, the spiritual temples of Little India to the iconic Marina Bay, few other countries can boast a more vibrant blend of cultures, communities, and styles. One of the most popular times to visit the city is during Chinese New Year, when the streets come alive with an endless host of stunning parades, fireworks displays, and iconic lion dances.

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  • Singapore City

    With its vibrant mix of an ultra-modern lifestyle with age-old traditions, Singapore ignites the senses.

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  • Sentosa

    A sunny islet on Singapore's south coast, Sentosa's laid-back beaches and exciting attractions make it a welcome escape.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +8

  • Currency

    Singapore Dollar

  • Capital


  • Flight Time

    Approx. 13 hrs 5 mins

  • Best Time To Go

    February to August

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