Phú Quốc

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Crystalline seas and sun-kissed beaches await visitors to this pristine island paradise.

An unbelievably enchanting beachside escape, Phú Quốc's untouched splendour, sleepy provincial charm, and romantic landscapes mean it's increasingly in demand as a holiday destination. Located just off the coast of Cambodia, Vietnam's largest island remains largely unspoiled by the effects of mass tourism, making it a haven for those in search of the ultimate peaceful hideaway. Venturing a little off the beaten track, visitors to these shores will find some of Vietnam''s most inspiring sights and cultural experiences, made all the more special by their disarming simplicity and authenticity.

No trip to Vietnam would be complete without a visit to a night market, and Phú Quốc is no exception. Visitors can enjoy delicious streetfood, fresh seafood, or home-brewed beer from the friendly islanders, as well as browse handicrafts and jewellery made from pearls gathered nearby. For spectacular views, take a ride on the world's longest overwater cable car to the local amusement park, or visit the majestic Ho Quoc Pagoda, a Buddhist monastery facing the sea and the rising sun.

On Phú Quốc, you're surrounded by nature. Over half of the island is covered by national park, with a landscape which is just perfect for adventuring armed with nothing more than a camera and a map. Macaques, lorises, and hornbills chatter and chirp in the forest canopy, and there are plenty of easily accessible reefs teeming with spectacular marine life. The nearby An Thoi Islands offer some of Vietnam's best snorkelling and diving, and the keen eyed may glimpse turtles and rare dugongs beneath the waves.

When it comes to beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The contrast of clean white sands and vibrant green jungle create brilliant, exotic vistas. Most of the island’s hotels are to be found at Long Beach on the west side, where you’ll also find a selection of lively bars, and plenty of water sports. There's even a hidden beach, where you can spot thousands of colourful starfish just inches underwater.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +7

  • Currency

    Vietnamese Dong

  • Flight Time

    Approx. 16 hrs 5 mins

  • Best Time To Go

    October to June


Phú Quốc receives more rainfall than other parts of southern Vietnam, and its waters are less blue and choppy during the wet season of April through November. As a developing island, many of the roads are not fully built so exploring other beaches can get very muddy during the wet season so bear this in mind when planning your trip. The island experiences significantly less rain and much more pleasant weather between October and June, and is truly at its best between December and March, which is when the destination is at its most popular.

Weather information for Phu Quoc
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp 31 ℃ 31 ℃ 32 ℃ 34 ℃ 33 ℃ 32 ℃ 31 ℃ 31 ℃ 31 ℃ 31 ℃ 30 ℃ 30 ℃
Rain 40MM 36MM 80MM 130MM 193MM 266MM 290MM 398MM 296MM 276MM 212MM 104MM

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