Outer Atolls

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Located a little beyond the beaten path, the Maldives' outer atolls are perfect for those in search of the most secluded and soothing retreats.

Venture a little further afield to discover some of the Maldives' most spectacular and romantic private islands. Away from the hustle and bustle of Malé, accessible only by seaplane or domestic flights, guests want for nothing within these exclusive, self-contained island kingdoms. Here you can find all the hallmarks of a fantasy paradise: glorious deserted beaches, untouched sapphire lagoons, opulent resorts and superb service.

More remote and less commercialised than some sites in the Malé Atolls, here visitors will enjoy some of the most pristine natural environments imaginable. The vast majority of these islands are uninhabited, leaving plenty of opportunities to escape and explore. Endlessly passionate, make memories with champagne and canapés aboard a luxurious private yacht, hop between desert isles in a traditional wooden dhoni or discover some of the world's richest fishing waters.

Resorts here pride themselves on their ecologically conscious programmes and pristine, protected natural environments. Catering to divers of all ages and levels of expertise and featuring enviably convenient access to some of the most vibrant hidden diving sites in the area, they are the perfect bases from which to explore the surrounding regions. Many resorts boast their own house reefs, found just moments from their shores. The Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve is one of the area's most noteworthy highlights. Covering approximately 139,700 hectares of coastal/marine areas, the reserve is frequented by hundreds of species of exotic fish, nesting marine turtles, dolphins and several shark species. Visit Hanifaru Bay to witness some of the largest gatherings of manta rays on earth (up to 200 individuals) and one of the few places in the world where whale sharks gather.

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Fast facts

  • Time Difference

    GMT +5

  • Currency

    Maldivian Rufiyaa

  • Flight Time

    Approx. 10 hrs 20 mins

  • Best Time To Go

    November to April


Located near the equator, the Maldives are blessed with warm temperatures the whole year round. Benefitting from a tropical climate, average high temperatures are consistently in the range of 26-30°C and seldom dip below 25°C, with frequent temporary rain showers to clear the humidity. The best period to visit is during the dry season between November and April. January-April in particular enjoy the most sunshine, the least rain and lowest humidity, though travellers may wish to visit at other times to take advantage of the best deals or more favourable diving conditions.

Weather information for The Maldives
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp 27 ℃ 28 ℃ 29 ℃ 29 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 28 ℃ 27 ℃ 27 ℃ 27 ℃ 27 ℃
Rain 75MM 50MM 73MM 132MM 216MM 172MM 147MM 188MM 243MM 222MM 201MM 232MM

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