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Head to the Middle East, where the scenery and the skylines are almost as captivating as the culture and the people.

What is it that makes the Middle East so inviting and so intriguing? Is it the glorious weather? The instantly recognisable skylines and monuments? The warm hospitality, the distinctive blend of cultures, and the delicious cuisine? Whatever it is, you can't shake the sense that there's nowhere else on earth quite like this. That there's some exotic magic in the air, in the landscape and in the people which makes every last moment special.

Perhaps it's the feeling that you're never far away from excitement. That around every corner hides some hidden treasure, atop every mountain a new discovery, behind every ruin a fresh story. Here, history is not confined to the classroom and dusty old tomes. It's a living, breathing process, happening all around you, intoxicating, almost tangible. Birthplace of the three major monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the signs of the region's unique and inspiring heritages are all around you, and the civilisations which have inhabited these lands for countless centuries seem just that bit closer. Venerable edifices and age-old souks, their stones worn by the passing feet of countless generations, rub shoulders with brand-new skyscrapers and palatial shopping malls filled to the brim with designer goods and luxury products. From the ancient ruins and timeless traditions of Oman to the constantly evolving cityscapes and ultramodern architecture of the United Arab Emirates, past, present, and future blur into one.

Every dawn blossoms with the possibility of adventure, every night blooms filled with the promise of the unforgettable. There's no end of activities to enjoy, and infinitely diverse landscapes to uncover. Spend your days frolicking and scuba diving in the calm seas, hiking, and climbing in the cool mountains, or pick your way across the desert atop a camel or scale the dunes behind the wheel of a 4x4. The only problem is fitting it all in.

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  • United Arab Emirates

    With some of the best hotels, luxury shopping malls and world-class restaurants, the UAE dazzles millions every year.

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  • Oman

    Boasting stunning deserts, mountains and beaches, Oman's inspiring landscapes are as memorable and varied as its people.

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