Chiang Rai Excursions

Chiang Rai is a traveller's playground, abound with stunning natural landscapes and intriguing relics.

Chiang Rai's delights include rugged mountains, ancient ruins, and traditional villages. More laid back than neighbouring Chiang Mai, the area is brilliant for tourists wishing to escape from everyday worries.

In a region with such cultural richness, one of our carefully crafted tours will grant you an insight into the lifestyles of the vibrant tribes that populate the areas. Their fascinating behaviours and friendly attitudes are wonderfully unique. Visit the infamous Long Neck Karen tribe, where the women wear brass rings on their necks and limbs. If you wish to stay within the city, take on the City & Temples tour, a half day trip that takes you around some of the colourful temples in Chiang Rai before visiting the town market on your return.

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