Kota Kinabalu Excursions

Kota Kinabalu, capital of Borneo's Sabah, is a great place to experience the state's vast array of curious delights.

From tackling the great Mount Kinabalu, coming face to face with fascinating orang utans to discovering the secrets of the notorious Headhunter tribes, you won't be short of things to do when staying in Kota Kinabalu.

The energetic city of Kota Kinabalu enjoys a coastal location within the rich state of Sabah, and consequently tourists can enjoy a wide range of once in a lifetime excursions. Borneo is home to many indigenous tribes, and a number of our excursions centre around discovering more about their lifestyles and cultures. These trips will illuminate some unique architectural styles, bustling marketplaces and traditional activities such as intricate beadwork and weaving. If you're big on culture, these are the tours for you.

A river safari along the Klias Wetlands is perfect for nature-lovers, who will get the chance to spot some of the unusual creatures who live alongside and within the waters. After a day of spotting monkeys, tropical birds and even crocodiles, settle down to an evening dinner within the heart of nature. If you fancy a more exhilarating river experience then tackle our white-knuckle Kiulu River Rafting excursion, which is a great introduction to this thrilling sport.

Of course a key highlight of Sabah is the mighty Mount Kinabalu, and we have plenty of excursions to cater for those who wish to take on the climb. Whether you simply want to take a day trip or experience an overnight stay to take on the summit climb, we offer some brilliant itineraries. That intrepid trek to the peak will see you receive a deserved certificate of achievement.

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