Penang Excursions

Penang's rich cultural scene includes fascinating Georgetown and a wealth of unique temples.

A trip to Penang provides dozens of intriguing experiences, from visits to traditional village communities to nature tours within the thriving jungle environment.

One of Penang's highlights is surely the buzzing capital of Georgetown, a hive of multicultural architecture and activity that could enthrall visitors for days. Explore the town's most famous landmarks including the ornate Pinang Peranakan Mansion and the intricately designed Chinese clanhouse of Khoo Kongsi. All sorts of cultural styles make up Georgetown's rich tapestry, and our tour of the city is a great way to explore.

There are some awe-inspiring attractions away from the city too. A trip on our tour of Penang Hill and Kek Lok Si Temple will lead you to one of the largest Buddhist temples in South-East Asia, defined by its incredible seven-tier pagoda that contains no less than 10,000 Buddha statues within its walls. After this eye-opening visit you'll take a train journey up the hill and be rewarded with panoramic views of George Town.

Visit another remarkable temple on our Round Island Discovery excursion, which takes you to the famous Snake Temple, known for its colony of live vipers that live within the temple. Don't be surprised to find one of these slithery creatures coiled up on an altar as you make your way around the temple, but don't worry - the snakes have all be devenomed making them safe to handle.

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