Japan Multi Centre

A multi centre holiday is the ideal way to explore the mystical beauty of Japan.

Japan's wealth of awe-inspiring landscapes offers travellers a unique destination, and a multi centre holiday is a great way to see more of this fascinating nation. From the sheer scale of Tokyo to traditional Kyoto, Japan is a haven for adventurers.

It's easy to simply just hit Tokyo when visiting Japan, its size and surreal nature can be captivating and overwhelming, with hidden treasures lying around each and every corner. But Japan is far more than just its lively capital, with gorgeous scenery and mesmerising shrines covering the land. Just look at the ever-imposing Mount Fuji, defining the Japanese skyline and enthralling thousands of tourists every day.

Explore our pre-built Japan multi centre holidays or compose your own itinerary based on personal choice. Find inspiration within our destination guides, where we pinpoint some of the country's unmissable highlights. Japan is a place like no other, and really does have to be experienced to be believed. Contact one of our team today to find out more.

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