Malaysia Multi Centre

Multicultural Malaysia’s fascinating fusion of old and new provides an intriguing landscape to explore on your next multi centre holiday.

Combine city and beach or Eastern and Peninsular by selecting a variety of Malaysian destinations for your multi centre trip. The country’s diverse population of Malays, Chinese, Indians, European and indigenous tribes live alongside one another across the rich Malaysian landscape, from the vibrant coastal cities to the cool climates of the hilly inland areas.

Capital Kuala Lumpur is a great place to start – mighty, modern skyscrapers stand alongside colonial buildings and the streets are lined with markets and stalls selling delicious cuisines. Further north lies the archipelago of Langkawi, defined by its miles of bright white coastline that border emerald forests. Life here is laid-back, mirroring the luxury beach life of southern Thailand but without the crowds. Bliss.

Explore the culture and beauty of Malaysia by selecting one of our Malaysian multi centre holidays, or choose your favourite destinations yourself to create a personalised itinerary. Whichever you choose, call one of our advisors today to help us guide you to your dream.

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