China Tours

Inconceivably vast and incredibly varied, the wondrous nation of China entices and intrigues travellers, and a tour is a great way to explore its jewels.

From its mysterious ancient history to its mind-blowingly modern urban playgrounds, China captivates and charms visitors with its wealth of personalities. Choose a China tour for a glimpse into this sensational nation.

Glorious landscapes, sleepless cities and ancient artefacts; diverse China is made up of so many flavours that travellers can return again and again, each time encountering something new and exotic. Each colourful city holds its own distinguishing character, from the neon hedonism of Beijing to the laid-back charm of Chengdu. It would be easy to stick to the urban exploration and hop from city to city, but the landscapes beyond simply must not be missed. The lazy curves of the Yangtze River snake around jaw-dropping limestone cliffs, and provide the setting for one of the world's most popular river cruise destinations. Further west, the sacred Mount Emei stands tall and mighty, a silent guardian gazing over the Sichuan province. Add to all this a deliciously diverse food scene that varies from region to region, and you have without a doubt one of the most rewarding destinations on the globe. 

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