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Vastly diverse in both landscape and culture, India is a country full of colour, spice and contradictions.

The world's seventh largest country sprawls from the frozen peaks of the Himalayas down to the glorious coastlines of Kerala, encompassing arid deserts, lush tea plantations and chaotic cities in the near 3000km between.

It is impossible to tackle all of India in one go, so a focused tour is an ideal way to travel, allowing you to immerse yourself in one or two regions within one holiday. Keep it simple and be flexible - this enormous country can be quite overwhelming, so don't overstretch yourself. For urban explorers, adrenaline-fuelled cities await, from the northern megalopolis of Delhi to the former British capital of Kolkata, with its stark contrasts of nobility and squalor. Visit the holy city of Varanasi, overflowing with pilgrims and residents who perform the intimate rituals of life, and death, in the ghats that line the River Ganges. There are plenty of more laid back experiences on offer too; the historic semi-ruined town of Orchha which peaks out of the surrounding forest is home to a wealth of sepia-tingedtemples, palaces and cenotaphs - a hive of history. On the southern tip you'll find Madurai, centred around the spectacular temple of Meenakshi Amman with its colourful decorations of eccentric Hindu figures. The jewel in South India's crown is surely Kerala, with its tangled network of backwaters, offering a refreshing break from the intense heat of the cities. Explore the palm-fringed canals and enjoy a dip in the shaded lagoons as you marvel at the harmonious landscape that surrounds you. India tours are jam-packed, culture rich and truly unforgettable, so which side of this intriguing nation will you choose?

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