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Seductive shores line the coast of Sri Lanka, forming an ivory border for a heart of lush, green rice paddies and tropical forests.

From wildlife-laden National Parks to a wealth of mysterious ruins, Sri Lanka is home to a dazzling array of attractions. Explore the highlights of this gloriously untrodden island with a Sri Lanka tour, allowing you to wander handsome colonial towns and hit those famous beaches.

For all Sri Lanka's charm, and there's a lot of it, the destination doesn't receive the same sort of footfall as its Far Eastern counterparts. It's surprising, when the island boasts one of the greatest biodiversity densities, its lush fauna playing home to many wonderful species, including the Sri Lankan leopard and the Asian elephant. The predominantly Buddhist nation practices its religion with love and enthusiasm, throwing colourful celebrations and making pilgrimages to ancient temple complexes, including the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, which houses what is said to be a tooth from the Buddha. Fascinating artefacts can be found all across the island, most dramatically illustrated by the great rock citadel of Sigiriya, home to palatial ruins and the remains of elaborate water-garden structures. The lush highlands house the tea plantations, as well as the bungalows of the British settlers who founded them. All this awaits you, and more, on this glorious island. A Sri Lankan tour is the perfect way to capture an insight into this delightful nation but one question remains - can you tear yourself away from the beach?

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